Where’s your limitation?

Bizz Spark offers coaching and consulting for finance, engineering, marketing, production, project management, purchasing, quality, sales and C-level management.

Main objectives

Accelerate, Innovate and Repeat

Non-intrusive coaching for individuals, executives, teams and organizations, enabling and motivating them to accelerate and innovate towards a well defined goal.

Choose from Monthly and Weekly training programs specifically adjusted to help you and your team reach new heights and goals.

Contact us for an initial conversation. On-site coaching and consulting services are only available in Canada, traveling fees from Toronto, Ontario, Canada may apply. – Online coaching and consulting services available world-wide.

Coaching and Consulting

All coaching and consulting engagements start with an initial conversation. We look forward to learn more about you, your team and your organization.

Work Shops

Book us for fun, engaging and motivating workshops, leading to new insights and helpful tools to accelerate your (team’s) success.